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MICA UX Design - UX Design Case Study

Updated: Apr 6, 2022


  • Our online courses are intended to achieve easy-access for working professionals to video lectures from experts in the field.

  • We have observed that our current system is making it difficult to access the material and isn’t customizable which is causing participants to not complete the courses as they were initially intended.

  • See UX Research Case Study for more information


  • How might we improve our platform so that more participants sign-up to view the video-lectures?


Initial sketch (Adobe InDesign):
Prototype link (Figma):

  • Instead of saying "Explore" used more specific action works like "Back"

  • Instead of using hashtag lists, moved the hashtags to sections were the associated videos are scroll-able.

  • Decided to keep it simple at first and only associate the content to the specific video, not the entire platform.


Final link (Figma):

  • Prototype that needs to go into development for further testing with users. Specifically need to explore video length and integration with other features.

  • Users need to experience full functionality of platform


  • The simple layout, one-button approach is ideal for all users.

  • For video platforms it will be necessary to include and pilot the actual videos to get a sense for if users enjoy their viewing experience.

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