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Honors and Awards

Mellon Partners in Humanities Education Faculty Collaboration Funds 

$13,450 award for the project  "Neuroracism: How neuroscience can be coopted to perpetuate a false narrative about drug use and addiction," Nashville, TN, USA

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Grant 

$75,000 award to expand Artist-in-Residence Program, Nashville, TN, USA

Provost Research Studio Award

$4,000 awarded from 2018-19, Nashville, TN, USA

Curb Center Catalyst Creativity Grant

$2,000 awarded 2017, Nashville, TN, USA

ASPET Travel Award

American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship (14PRE19640007)

$1000 awarded 2016, San Diego, CA, USA

$53,688 three-years of graduate training support, Nashville, TN, USA

SFB35 Student Travel Award- Transporters in Health and Disease

$250 travel award, Vienna, Austria

Vanderbilt Graduate Student Travel Award

$1,000 total: $500 2013, $500 2014, Nashville, TN, USA

ATVB Young Investigator Travel Award

$1000 2013, Dallas, TX, USA

Mechanisms of Vascular Biology Training Grant

One-year of support in 2013, Nashville, TN, USA

Clinical Research Grants, VICTR

$2000 for clinical-based research, 2013, Nashville, TN, USA

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