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I want to impact human experiences with health and life sciences. I apply a user-centered approach to digital products, creating intriguing science stories that engage viewers and promote dialogue about cutting-edge science research between people of all backgrounds. Although classically trained as a pharmacology research scientist, I have completed 6+ years in educational technology and a professional degree in user experience design. I am interested in working with like-minded individuals to utilize UX design approaches to develop innovative solutions and solve marketing, brand, advertising, and communication issues within science and health cases using data-based solutions that leverage my extensive research background in qualitative and quantitative research techniques. 


I can uniquely provide a people-focused, data-driven process and strategic management that improves project outcomes. I blend a Ph.D. level understanding of pharmacology with 5+ years of digital communication and branding experience. I am inspired by new digital technology, using online learning and data visualization methods. My unique experiences as a liaison within science and communication can help identify needs, approaches, and new directions for audience expansion. 

My strength is in user and market research. I can leverage my UX Design degree and quantitative reasoning from my Ph.D. to explore the needs and behaviors of new audiences and define new markets. Based on my experience in multimedia production, I have found visual storytelling to be the most impactful way to communicate. In particular, I believe it is crucial to tell the story of those traditionally underserved by science to enhance inclusivity and allow others to see themselves directing the future of scientific research. My design work is committed to equity with a focus on accessible design.


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