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UX/UI Science Designer 

I am a science humanist in Pittsburgh, passionate about creating engaging, approachable, and experiential science products. With ten years of experience in research and six years in crafting digital experiences, my focus area in recent years has been developing cross-disciplinary programs at Vanderbilt University. Below is a summary of that work organized as a UX/UI portfolio. Enjoy! 

UX Generalist.

I enjoy being a generalist who transforms complex ideas into design using data-driven approaches. This means I research, design, test, and prototype to help get the team (especially stakeholders) on the same page. 

Facilitate goal-aligned, cross-disciplinary collaboration.

More than anything else, communication and developing a shared vision is key. I discuss and align actions with stakeholder goals and best practices with design thinking strategies and clear communication. 

Fostering creativity

I nurture creativity and innovation by creating space for everyone to participate in the design process. This approach leverages the unique talents and strengths of all team members, from developers to leadership. 

Crafting seamless, high-quality experiences.

I focus on optimizing a product's experience and making products "sing" using user-centered design principles and techniques. This included a deep knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative methods. 

Communicating design ideas.

Visuals not only help to catch people's attention, but they can convey design ideas. Combined with data-driven, goal-oriented methods, visuals can foster community support through education and iterative approaches.

Building communities 

Good design should be more than a single person, or even a team. Good design represents entire communities who should also be invested in these design decisions.

Case studies 

Basic Science Website Redesign

ArtLab App

Drug Discovery Online

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