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Example designs for BioRender Science Designer Application

Some BioRender Examples

Recently, I embarked on a journey with researchers to develop graphics communicating their complex biological and engineering concepts in developing an artificial kidney for a grant application. My foundational knowledge in science, acquired during my Ph.D. and postdoctoral training, was vital for getting up to speed quickly with the reserach on the complex scientific concepts I was depicting. My artistic abilities and UX Design skills played a key role in creatively interpreting these scientific ideas, collaboratively working with the scientists, and transforming basic concept drawings into engaging, aesthetically pleasing visuals. Knowledge of design, color theory, typography, and composition principles to create clear, visually appealing layouts was essential. Finally, my skills in custom illustration were particularly crucial, as I crafted unique graphics and icons that could be imported into BioRender's platform. 

*All of these images were created in BioRender*

"Revolutionizing the concept of an organizational chart."

An image can create a powerful impact when visualized in an organizational chart. Creating a visual representation of the grant's programs makes it easier to understand the relationships between different steps and processes. This visualization also helped everyone on the team understand their role in the vision which is to get this artificial kidney device into humans within the next five years.

"Not your average work flow chart"

In this graphic, marbles have replaced arrows and text to demonstrate competition and grant decision-making. Using marbles provides a more visual and interactive way of showcasing the selection process. It also adds an element of chance, making the process more exciting and engaging while being simple enough to process quickly as a grant reader. 

"From complex, to simple, to concise"

I was tasked with taking a complex message from the scientists and refining their goals and key points. I then developed individual graphics for each point, which we recombined to create the final graphic to save space in the grant. It was a challenging task requiring a lot of attention to detail and creativity, but I was very excited about the result and the process we used to collaborate on the final product. 

12 - copy of Fig 5. CONDENSED - The function of real kidney vs. bioreactor.png
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