Science communication through visual and digital mediums

I am an experienced scientist passionate about science communication, multi-disciplinary projects, and online learning and engagement approaches. It is critical that we find new strategies to communicate scientific findings and engage the public. Using online learning and visualization methods, I am exploring visual science communication to support online education and science communication and education. Although classically trained as a research scientist in pharmacology, I consider myself a science communication designer with skills ranging from project management, pedagogical approaches to online learning, video production, instructional design, and web design. With a foundation as a cross-disciplinary team member, I am interested in developing and utilizing these skills to produce science education, marketing, communication, and engagement strategies, particularly those at the intersection of art and science.



Ongoing Projects


ArtLab is a cross-disciplinary effort that explores the intersection of art with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, medicine, and design. Emphasizing a cross-disciplinary approach that draws from media, art, and design, we aim to nurture a vibrant intellectual community at the intersections of these disciplines with a focus on exhibition and outreach opportunities.

From Drug Discovery Online to virtual program development, I am interested in designing rich online spaces that support interactivity and facilitate learning for all participants.

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Video allows both visual and audio delivery of material. But how do you optimize this medium for science communication? How do create engaging science content? What makes a science communication video "good"?

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