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What is an artist-in-residence program?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Few in the science have heard of an artist-in-residence programs, which begs the question of what is it? In most cases artists have the opportunity through a program to live and work outside of their normal comfort zone. This can give time to the artist to reflect, research, or produce work that is inspired.

With this approach in mind, ArtLab created with VI4 a summer undergraduates artist-in-residence experience where undergraduates were partnered with research laboratories to produce work that was inspired by the lab's research. The artwork could be abstract or realistic. The product could be used for cover art, websites, or within publish manuscripts.

As opposed to traditional residencies, where an artists can explore a new locations, we have challenged our students to experience a different cultures. The culture of science is one that traditionally has under-appreciated the role of art to communicate and build interest and public discourse. Our program seeks to provide a virtual experience exploring the culture of science and the work being done within the laboratories.

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